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Micro & Soloprenuer

Creative, Dynamic and Flexible. Micro Businesses and Sole Entrepreneurs are the heartbeat industries of our economy. However opportunities to utilise essential marketing resources like video may not always be possible due to limited investment resources for business at this scale. We have some solutions to help you below.

Dynamic and Flexible like your business

LEt the world know you are here

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We are fully aware that Micro Businesses and Solo Entrepreneurs now have a greater need than ever to utilise the power of video in their business models.

We're also aware that at the micro and solo scale this is often not an affordable investment. But there are solutions. See below for more.

We use our knowledge and experience to save you time and money


How we can help you

You fully understand the need for video but investment resources make it difficult. 

We can help.

At the Micro or Solo Entrepreneur scale every cent invested in your business counts.


We understand that businesses at this scale can feel stymied by their lack of investment capital for areas such as marketing. Or you may be dependent on enterprise or other funding with strict criteria and limitations on what can be invested and where.

But you still have a great business and want the world to know about it.

Paying Customer

With this in mind we’ve created a number of initiatives and solutions that can help you.

Everything from more templated and standardised versions of our more bespoke video production   and content creation services. To a limited number of pricing support options (criteria apply).

We are even creating some FREE material and resources for DIY’ers out there (this is especially ideal for time rich but cash poor start up sole traders).

Because we want your business to succeed and grow!

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We also have short Bootcamp versions of our courses…consider these kind of ‘just the basics’ starters to get you creating content without spending hours or weeks trying to figure out how and where to start.


All of these are designed to help get you off the ground and up and running on your video content journey. And we hope that once your ready to scale up and invest in more progressive and higher yield content you will come back to us for more strategic, tailored and targeted solutions. 

The aim is to get the most value to investment ratio possible.


Supporting You to get your message to your customers

Talk Show

Video Content Suitable for you

Build awareness and a following for your start-up, micro business or sole trader operation. BE SEEN.

Budget and Free Resources For DIYers coming soon

Filming a Video




We are fully aware that many businesses have had to face financial challenges during recent times and we've ensured we're here to help respond to this.

That's why we've created our very limited 'Reboost' Programme which offers support pricing for specific video content solutions.

As this is a very limited programme certain criteria apply.

Check Below For Eligibility

MICRO Supports and Products
Video Editing

Grow your skills. Build your audience.

Courses for SME's

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Whether you want to learn for your own output or if you are expanding your talent pool we can help you or your staff become more fluent in video content creation and language.


We're With You All the way

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From the moment we start work on a project we will design it around your needs. No one knows your business better than you and we recognise that in every step we take from strategy to completion.

MICRO Working With You

Our Process: Working With You

Discovery Form

Meet & Chat

Concept & Strategy


Delivery & Release

Ready to get to work on your video?

Maybe you're already aware of how essential video is in your marketing funnel and incredible as the statistics for video as a marketing medium are (whether that's to increase brand awareness, lead generation or as an engagement tool) the important thing for us is to get to know your business and your story.

We start that process with our discovery form, followed by a free consultation and then if we both feel we can achieve something we'll start work on your video strategy straight away.

See more here...

 You can fill in your discovery form and book a free consultation right here:

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MICRO Discovery
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