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Swift Programmes

Working With You To Create

A Unique Suite of Programmes Designed to Introduce You to the Incredible World Of Video Content

For Dynamic Smaller Businesses or For Those Businesses Who want to test the water before investing in professional more advanced video services we've created something very special.

3 Templated Programmes

Swift Video Production

Filming a Video

Swift Video Training

Video Game Designers

Swift Content Asset Creation

Food photography

And the best part of our Swift Programme Suite is that you can customise to your needs.

This means that you control your level of investment. Whether that's time, money or other resources. You can build a production programme, build a training programme or build an assets library creation programme to suit your time and budget commitment.

Find What Fits For You.

Your needs, your budget, you preferred degree of commitment. Find the Programme or Programme Combinations that fit your needs

Missing Piece
Writing a Sticky Note

Adaptive Dynamic Collaborative Content Solutions

Whether your business scales or your desire for more video and visual content grows we will scale with you.

Easily move into our more advanced programmes in production, training or consultation as and when you need.

Future Ready, Future Forward.

3 Templated Programmes

Multiple Variations


Build Your Own Programme

Swift Video Production

We'll help you to shoot your video footage yourself then we'll take care of all the post production.

Create a guided personal video. For your customers, clients or stakeholders and let us turn it into something special.

Short Impactful Personal Videos In 3 - Steps

Filming a Video

You Shoot (we'll help)

We'll work with you to help you shoot a quality 'to camera' video about your business & brand. This will include tips and templates on how to shoot properly and an option of consultation or remote direction from us.

Editing with Headphones

We create the video

Once we receive your footage. We'll edit it, add transitions and graphics and all text and music, leaving you with a professionally created post-production piece of content.

Video Call

Share with your customers

Finally we'll deliver your video straight to your inbox so you can share it with your customers, clients or other stakeholders.

Swift Video Training

Want to learn how to DIY your video content but just want to know what your need to know to get started?

Swift Videos follow a heavily templated programme making it easy for you to shoot your own footage, Edit your own footage and do all of the post production yourself (sound, graphics, exports etc). This training programme cuts out all of the unnecessary extras teaching you only the essential things you need to know to get started creating and releasing your own content.

Avoid all the mistakes. Cut to the Chase.

Video Editing

Swift Content Asset Creation

From logos, to Cinematographs to basic promotional content. You pick what you need and we'll show you how.

Hands on Deck

If you have a number of small content ambitions for your output and want to build your own brand asset library (audio logos, animated branding or simple posters, cinematography or other promotional content) this programme will keep it simple and clear.

If you know what you want. We'll show you how to create it!

Build Your Own Programme

You can take elements of all three programmes to build your own bespoke programme.

Modern Architecture

As Swift Programmes are Dynamic Programmes you have the option to create your own programme.

Maybe you just want some elements of each programme or to combine one or more programmes; well that's all possible within the Swift Framework.

Swift Programmes are designed for very specific business types...If you want our more advanced programmes or products and services - you can find them below:


Choose between Business/Organisation Type (Large/SME/Micro etc or based on Future Forward Programmes

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