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Business Vlogger

Your Swift video

Working With You To Create

We'll help you to shoot your video footage yourself then we'll take care of all the post production.

Create a guided personal video. For your customers, clients or stakeholders and let us turn it into something special.

Short Impactful Personal Videos In 3 - Steps

Filming a Video

You Shoot (we'll help)

We'll work with you to help you shoot a quality 'to camera' video about your business & brand. This will include tips and templates on how to shoot properly and an option of consultation or remote direction from us.

Editing with Headphones

We create the video

Once we receive your footage. We'll edit it, add transitions and graphics and all text and music, leaving you with a professionally created post-production piece of content.

Video Call

Share with your customers

Finally we'll deliver your video straight to your inbox so you can share it with your customers, clients or other stakeholders.

We use our expertise in video production and teaching to help you deliver quality video content to you customers

Swift Videos follow a heavily templated programme making it easy for you to shoot your own footage. This programme sticks to the simpler, tried and tested rules of videography so that the footage you deliver to us can be professionally edited and post produced.

Here are some of the steps:

  • Video Meeting to discuss your project and agree on objective.

  • We will send you on PDF and Video guides and templates to help with the shoot.

  • You have the option to have a pre-shoot consultation or to have us direct remotely via zoom or similar.

  • You shoot your video based on all of the above

  • Send video to StridePilot for review

  • Once we know the quality is good enough to do your business justice we'll start putting your video together

  • StridePilot will edit all of the footage, add professional transitions and graphics, add any additional stock footage required and all music. [Note: if you have specific B-Roll, Stock footage, Graphics or Music that you wish to have included this will be agreed during initial meeting and must be supplied before edit begins] 

  • Your completed 2 - 5 minute video will arrive in your inbox ready for use.

  • Share your video with clients, customers or other target audience.

Online Course

Swift Programmes are designed for very specific business types...If you want our more advanced programmes or products and services - you can find them below:


Choose between Business/Organisation Type (Large/SME/Micro etc or based on Future Forward Programmes

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