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In keeping with our approach we have streamlined this about page just click on any of the buttons to go straight to the section that most interests you or scroll down and browse as you go.

Our Method

StridePilot Media follow a process of absolute focus: Focus on the Outcome our clients want for the specific product/service or programme they have entrusted to us, Focus on Streamlining our processes for delivery but most importantly the Clarity and Effectiveness of the product or service we are delivering this is applicable to all of our services but let’s look at an example of simple video:

*Define the Outcome

*Refine the Process

*Design the Content

1. Identify the desired outcome for video (ie. what action do you want your target audience to take having watched your video?)

2. Work backwards to identify the value propositions that might make said audience/customer take that action.


3. Identify challenges and hesitations that might make target audience chose not to take action.


4. Respond or pre-empt these challenges in advance of initialising content output.


5. Continue refining the strategy for the video or suite of videos and visual content we intend to launch.


6. Review results, analyse and respond to build an increasingly effective content output process and keep refining and streamlining.

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Our Method

Our Mission

Two mottos we live by are Streamline don’t waste time’ and ‘Communicate don’t complicate’. Our world is awash with content and messaging of all kinds and we are constantly reminded that people don’t have the attention span for such things as they once had.


Streamlining toward clarity messaging and ease of response means less wasted time and more engagement from your target market. In business as in life miscommunication (or over-complicated communication) can create all kinds of problems. Our aim is to make sure that doesn’t happen to our clients. We want to cut out all the noise and get the actual message you want to give to the people you want to give it to and to make it as easy and obvious as possible for them to take the action that you both want.


‘We start that process with our form that you can find here…’

Our Aim

  • Clearer Communication

  • More Effective Output

  • Keeping Your Brand 'On Point'

  • Positive Messaging

  • Adaptive Programmes

  • Flexible Strategies

  • Streamlined Process

  • Streamlined Results

Our Mission

Our Principle and Philosophy

Things we do

Create Positive video & visual Content.


Train your or your team on  how to create the Positive Content


Help You Through Supportive Consultation to Create Positive Content Programmes or Projects

Support freedom of expression and creative ideas and innovative brands and businesses

Support and Celebrate Communication

Things we don't

Engage in or support negative campaigning


Create any negative socio-political content


Allow socio-political/'culture wars' trends or 'hype' to direct our mandates

We do not Support or Reward Censorship or Social Ostracism 

Our Philosphy

The Good Of The Thing

Helping You to Feel Comfortable with Video. "To Produce Naturally Positive, Forward-Moving, Clear, Actionable, Outcome Oriented Content." Say that Thing You Want to Say to The People You Want To Say It To in the way that your really want to say it! *...And let your audience know what action you’d like them to take.* We are different, we follow a principle of positive messaging and forward content toward specific outcomes. What does that mean? Well you can see a short list of ‘Things we do and Things we don’t’ on this page (or for more details see our FAQ) but in essence it means we want to help you market or raise the profile of the things you really believe in. Whether that’s a product that serves your customer, a campaign that can help your target market in their lives or simply building an audience for your brand. And we want you to THRIVE. Ethics: We are all too aware of the power of our medium so we don’t engage in negative or political messaging (in particular any kind of identity politics or brand vs brand aggressive campaigning). It’s simply not what StridePilot was founded for. We believe strongly in the positive influence of the entrepreneur. The ability to stay positive and progressive and to Grow Through Challenges and we have made it our mission to show how all entrepreneurial spirits from the micro-business owner to macro-corporations have to ability to elevate their demographics through positive brand association. You work to improve lives, your customers and your own. That is the most Nobel and simple of human experiences. You build the future, you adapt, you innovate and above all you keep going…to the Good. And because you believe in what you do. We believe in what you do. So Your Customer and target market will believe in what you do. Together we build on and promote the best of human nature and we are energised by the human spirit. ​ To be strong, to believe to progress and to 'move forward, better'. Always.

Our Story

From big brand video to small award winning indie film and music videos, or from project managing in arts and media to marketing and pr in: finance, telecommunications and arts/media/culture. As well as extensive experience teaching and training both privately and in business and education institutions. The history of StridePilot is one which places us in a unique position to give our clients a rare and valuable head start when it comes to the current and future landscape of essential video/visual content asset output.


We moved to this new model to empower brands to express their true message and to do so in a way that allow you and your customers/clients/target audience to Move Forward Better.

Our Work



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StridePilot Videos That Nourish

StridePilot Videos That Nourish

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Cities Reels New York City

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Spirit of Dublin [Trailer]

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Our Story
Our Work

Working With Us

We will actively want to know as much about you, your brand, your specific project as necessary to fully equip you with the utility of visual and video creative output. We will begin by clarifying the desired outcome (the call-to-action) you want to happen once your content is released…. [This will start immediately with our discovery form here] We follow this with an introduction meeting where - if your happy and we’re happy - we will begin the process of collaborating with you on creating a tailored strategy and tailored content for your project.

News: Spring 2024

The Countdown Has Begun...

Brand Boost


Complete Visual Marketing Content at a Fraction of the Normal Price

Brand Boost 2024 is launching very soon.

Extraordinarily special pricing on a very limited number of StridePilot services and products for a very limited period of time.

Keep you're eyes peeled to be one of a very small number of businesses to benefit form this incredible opportunity.

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