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We don't create generic video content. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the businesses we work with. The better we know and understand you and your business needs, values and ambitions the better we can build a bespoke video strategy to serve you and your customer.

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Tell Us About Your Business - what do you do and what do you love about it?

Why would your customers choose to buy from you over your competitors? What do you do that’s different or would help make you stand out? (be specific about your 'value proposition').

What are the long and short term goals for your company and are there any products or services that you would like more customer engagement with?

Who is your ideal client? Who would you want to do more business with?

What are some of the most commonly asked questions, fears or concerns your ideal customer has? Are there questions that you find yourself answering a lot?

Who (business/indusrty types) are your main competitors?

What concerns do you have when considering professional video strategy and production services?

What do you want video to achieve in your marketing, branding, public awareness and engagement pipeline?

StridePilot Client Discovery Form

Please Fill in this form with information that you feel is most relevant. If there is a field that is not relevant to you please type N/A into that field box.

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