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the process

Meet          Build Strategy           Pre-Production           Production            Delivery

Preparation is everything.

The real work happens long before we hit record on the camera.  The above 5-Step process approximates our approach presenting your business in a focused video marketing story. Read below for a typical example of the end-to-end process.

Fill in Our Discovery Form here

This will help us to get to know you and your company and it'll give us a picture of what your particular needs and ambitions are so we can take the first step on your video strategy.

DiscoveryForm Visual 1.jpg

Here's what happens next...


Arrange a meeting

Once we've received the completed discovery form we'll be in touch to see if there's a suitable time you'd like to meet/talk with us.


This is just an initial chat to see if and how we can help. And if so...We'll look at what kind of strategy would best suit your ambition.

Video Strategy

If we both agree on a vision for your video we'll move straight onto your Video Strategy.

We will work out the best strategy for your unique needs answering any pain points and realising your overall ambition to vision through video.

EDITED2whiteboard-849810_1920 copy 2.png

Pre-Production Shoot Arrangements

Once we've finalised the strategy, aims and goals for your video we'll begin the preproduction process.


Basically this means the what's, who's and where's and style of video to have everything prepared for production day. We'll also work with you to look at key points, objectives and scripting

Collage For Production Day2.jpg


This is when we start to make the vision  for your company video a reality. Interviews, voice-over, images and footage that show just what your business and you are all about.

We'll make sure the process is a relaxing and easy for you. Interviews should flow naturally as if you're sitting in a room chatting with the viewer.

Post Production

This is where all the magic comes together. Once we've finished Post-Production on your video (Editing, Music, Pick-Ups/V/O etc.) We'll get the deliverables straight over to you.

Update of Editing Screen Examplelwrres2021.jpg

Video Delivery

Whether it's part of an overall digital marketing campaign or for your website or email marketing campaigns (or in all likely hood) all three...your video is available to share with the world.

Whether it's a one off single-purpose video or part of a longer term branding series of releases you'll see the vision we first discussed come to life to serve you, your business and your vision.

To Begin the process just fill in the discovery form here:

DiscoveryForm Visual 1.jpg
Business Handshake

We'd love to hear how your video is working for you.

We'd like to build a relationship with our clients.

For Stridepilot taking your video from concept to delivery stage is just the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing partnership.

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