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SME's & Scaling Businesses

SME's and Scaling Businesses are the future. Expand your reach and engagement. Expand your retention with our tailored video content products and services. You have something wonderful to offer the world. We will help you let them know.

Reach the people you want to reach...

Be heard Above the noise

Business Team

Our video content products, services and programmes are designed to help you to build your presence and engagement with your intended audience. Everything from Video Business Cards to Call To Action shots and bespoke visual and audio assets such as cinematographs and audiograms.


We can create an individual video or a detailed programme to help you build, scale and grow in this time of unique opportunity.

We build a strategy

  • For you.

  • Around you.

  • Specific to you

SME About

Your Specific Goals

Connecting & Engaging with Customers, Acquiring Customers, Retaining Customers.  

The most important thing for your business from an engagement, acquisition and retention view point is consistent branding and messaging.


So our aim is to look at your target ambition and tailor your content to meet that target (or those targets) and this is where strategic preparation comes in.


Depending on your ambition for a given campaign or product this could be as simple as a single video or as dynamic as a progressive number of content releases (from video to stills to infographics and beyond).

Paying Customer

We will also look at the purpose of your video. 

Is it marketing, operational or informative? In other words:


  • Marketing: increase sales for your product or service or increase brand awareness of your business or to build a reputation and increase brand awareness with your audience. 

  • Operational: save time to let you run your business.

  • Informative: train and up-skill staff or inform the public of a campaign.

As we always state: Video is now one of the most powerful business tools in the world and it can and does perform all of those tasks quickly and effectively.

Thumbs Up

You can see some examples below of the types of video and what tasks they can perform for your business or if you’re ready to move to the next stage you can fill in our discovery form here

The aim is to get the most value to investment ratio possible.

Your Goals SME

Some Products to help you grow and engage

Smiling Man in Suit
Business Owner

Video Business Card

The Video Business Card: Introduces the world to you and your business whilst also sharing your specific message in a personal and engaging way.

Customer Service Rep

Customer Follow Up

The Customer Follow Up or Post Quote video is designed to build trust and loyalty with your customer, client or stakeholder base.

Talk Show

Updaters and Video Newsletters

Keep your mailing list growing and updating with scheduled updaters. Stay dynamic and current.

Video Editing

Grow your skills. Build your audience.

Courses for SME's

Man Using a Tablet

Whether you want to learn for your own output or if you are expanding your talent pool we can help you or your staff become more fluent in video content creation and language.


We're With You All the way

Video Production Consulting Services.jpg

From the moment we start work on a project we will design it around your needs. No one knows your business better than you and we recognise that in every step we take from strategy to completion.

SME Working With You

Our Process: Working With You

Discovery Form

Meet & Chat

Concept & Strategy


Delivery & Release

Ready to get to work on your video?

Maybe you're already aware of how essential video is in your marketing funnel and incredible as the statistics for video as a marketing medium are (whether that's to increase brand awareness, lead generation or as an engagement tool) the important thing for us is to get to know your business and your story.

We start that process with our discovery form, followed by a free consultation and then if we both feel we can achieve something we'll start work on your video strategy straight away.

See more here...

 You can fill in your discovery form and book a free consultation right here:

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SME Discovery
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