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What We Do:

We create Powerful Effective Video


We don't just create normal content.

We create:


'Outcome Focused Content'

This means that everything we create for you is built around an identified outcome strategy. You tell us the outcome you really want and we'll work with you to create the specific content to help you realise that outcome.

How We Help:

We design Strategies to get your message to the people that matter

We create Video and Visual Content by first helping you to identify the best strategy to get the message you want to share to the people you want to reach. We then tailor that strategy to your unique voice and story creating a bespoke video designed to engage and connect.

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Thriving Brand Content Programmes

Video Production Strategy Preproduction

We develop Programmes to meet your specific objective or outcome

From content creation to in-house training and up-skilling everything we do follows a specific programme. 


Because just like people every business is unique and every business has unique needs and every need, problem or challenge requires a unique customised programme to help solve it or result in a successful outcome. And it's all about results and outcomes.

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How we help you

The first thing to understand is that video is not a ‘thing’ it is a tool an essential and massively powerful 21st century utility and ‘one size does not fit all’ your video output should be tailored and bespoke.


Our main focus is on large/corporate businesses or scaling SMEs but we have also created services and products for mico/solo enterprises you can feel free to explore our site to know more about KovaPilot or go straight to the section relating most specifically to your business.


About STRIDEPilot

A professional history encompassing video and film production talent with experience of large worldwide brand production shoots to short award winning film and music video experience - alongside marketing, project management and media training - and client industries including international Embassies, PR companies, local councils, private businesses and even third level institutions in Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond has all been brought together to make StridePilot what it is…[more]


Our Mission

We Are Here
ANd we are

Future Focused

Our mission is to harness and utilise the ever evolving power of Video and audio/visual Communication.

To connect people. To extend your reach. To build communities.


Products and Services


Video Production

From marketing to operations to information. We will create the content best suited to your needs.

Smiling Man in Suit
Business Owner

Video Business Card

The Video Business Card: Introduces the world to you and your business whilst also sharing your specific message in a personal and engaging way.

Customer Service Rep

Customer Follow Up

The Customer Follow Up or Post Quote video is designed to build trust and loyalty with your customer, client or stakeholder base.

Talk Show

Updaters and Video Newsletters

Keep your mailing list growing and updating with scheduled updaters. Stay dynamic and current.

PRODUCTS & Services


  • Testimonials

  • Video Business Cards

  • FAQ Video

  • Post Quote/Contact Video

  • Email Embed Video

  • Social Media

  • Follow Up/Thank You Video

  • Real Estate Showcase Video

  • Investment Video (pre-investment)


  • Training Video

  • Health & Safety Video

  • On-boarding Video

  • Insurance/Legal Video

  • Shareholder Video

  • Investor Video (post investment)


  • Consultation

  • In-House Training

  • Online Training*

  • Event Workshops

  • Editing*


These are just some common video use examples. To discuss your specific needs feel free to get in touch.

Business/Organisation Types

Below you will find a short cut window into your business type. Please feel free to scroll below of click the appropriate button  to go directly to the space for your business/organise type. Alternatively feel free to select individual services in production and training via the space above.

Other Organisation Types
Business People Applauding

Clarify your message build your brand


How We Can Help...

SMEs & Scaling businesses

Business Team

We have a suite of video content products designed to help build your presence and engagement with your intended audience. Everything from Video Business Cards to Call To Action shots. We can create an individual video or a detailed programme to help you build, scale and grow in this time of unique opportunity.

You Know What You Want...


We'll Help You Create Video To Realise Your Ambitions

Special Effects

Future Forward Dynamics


How We Can Help...


Future Ready. Exciting Present. We understand that Larger/Corporate Enterprises already have some investment (and fluency/experience) in video content creation. But how synchronised, dynamic and EFFECTIVE is your output? 


Fluency and adaptability are key in this growth medium where communication and clarity are everything. 


We will help you develop multi-talented ‘A-Teams’ with specific video fluency and confidence whilst also creating fluid, consistent content and integrating both processes to future proof your talent pool and give you a unique edge.

Business Meeting
Online Workshop

using video effectively


How We Can Help...


Business Owner

Where there is creativity, energy and dynamism there is not always sufficient available funds to invest in worthy video content for Micro Businesses or Soloprenuers. We can help with that. 

Save time and money by skipping the mistakes of trial and error. We will help you create the video content you need to build awareness of your business.

Ready to get to work on your video?

Maybe you're already aware of how essential video is in your marketing funnel and incredible as the statistics for video as a marketing medium are (whether that's to increase brand awareness, lead generation or as an engagement tool) the important thing for us is to get to know your business and your story.

We start that process with our discovery form, followed by a free consultation and then if we both feel we can achieve something we'll start work on your video strategy straight away.

See more here...

 You can fill in your discovery form and book a free consultation right here:

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We've spent the last number of months creating new suites of programmes through our New Initiatives programme as well as a pricing dynamic opportunities to help business who are in need of professional video help but would benefit from dynamic pricing for more standard video content output programmes.

You can explore examples of both below.




Our New Initiatives Programme is designed to respond to the opportunities and challenges businesses face in the 'new world' we are all emerging back into.

And that's where our New Initiatives Come In.


We are fully aware that many businesses have had to face financial challenges during recent times and we've ensured we're here to help respond to this.

Check Out Our Swift Programmes Here: