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Visual Production Courses

Choose The Best Course Option For Your Needs

Your training needs are as individual as your business and your personality you can choose either a fully bespoke course option or a full tailored course or even one of our quick courses and online options.

Find out more below and if you see something that meets your needs you can even book it right here,

Business Bootcamp

Get an intensive grounding in the basics of creating your own video/visual content assets.

Full Tailored Course

Get a fully bespoke training experience for you or your team. Create professional Video/Visual content assets.

Online Solo Jolt

This is a super quick introduction to creating your own content assets. Ideal for DIYers

What You Can Expect

Video Game Designers_edited.jpg
  • What's Your Why

  • Story and Message

  • Brand Style

  • End Goal and Outcome

  • What do you Need Your Video to Achieve

  • Camera & Framing

  • Lighting (3 Point)

  • Sound

  • Editing

  • Resources and Platforms

  • Optimised Video Output

Post Production Video Editing

Course Enquiry Form

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your course to your specific needs. We commit to spending time in advance of the course ensuring it's oriented to meet those needs. In order to do this we have prepared the below pre-booking Enquiry form. Once we've received the form we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for your course.

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