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Video Products Designed to Meet Individual Needs

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With Video and visual products One Size certainly does not fit all and at StridePilot we celebrate that.

Below you can see the kind of videos and application use those videos can have. 

Whether you need only a single product or a programme suite of videos to be created. 

We can help make it work for you.

Marketing & Engagement

From Brand Videos to Animated Explainers and From Video Business Cards to Product Videos and all of the social media content assets in between. Your video/visual asset choice is as individual as your brand. Here are just a tiny sample of some of the most common options

Some Inspiration...



Brand Videos

& Video Business Cards

Manager Portrait
Looking Out The Window

A Brand Video or A Video Business Card:


Introduces the world to you and your business whilst also sharing your specific message in a personal and engaging way.

The List Is Endless

The list of ways you can use video is endless. Remember video is a tool and a powerful one at that.

Operations and Information

From employee training and on-boarding to investor or stakeholder updates. Video and Visual content can save extraordinary amounts of time whilst still giving clarity and consistency that few other mediums can match.

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Stakeholder or Investor Updaters

Keep stakeholders and investors updated with concise and exciting developments on your business.

On-boarding & Employee Training

Support new talent or up-skilling your current pool with onboarding and training support videos.

Workers with Safety Vests_edited.jpg
Health and Safety

Health and Safety Videos will ensure your employees have access to the very latest information on procedures in your company.

Customer Service & FAQ

For those most common questions...give your customers a more dynamic experience than just reading text and free up time and energy for your customer service staff to focus on more complex queries by creating video responses to FAQ.

Online Warehouse Worker_edited.jpg
Rectangle Shapes

Other Visual & Digital Assets

The key to all visual assets is consistency of branding and style. We only focus on those assets which directly align with your audience orientation.

The sky really is the limit with Visual Assets so the most important thing is to select only a few and use them expertly. Here are some elements for inspiration.


Brand Promotions

From posters and flyers to cinematographs and parallax elements or even gifs. We can build a library of assets for you.

Abstract Logo

Brand Logo Creations/Animations

If you need a new or updated logo or just want something specifically dynamic done with your current one - we can help.

Sound Waves

Audio Logos/Audio Assets

Audio Logos and Audio Assets such as Audiograms are a wonderfully intimate was to connect quickly with your customers.

Studio Photographer


From Professional Company Portraits to all Business Photographic Needs we can create a suite of photographic assets that align with all other content branding.

Eye Cream

Product Photography

Clear product photography designed to augment your other visual assets as well as to work as stand alone content asset creations.

Graphic Designs

Graphic Design

All visuals involve some kind of graphic design element and some are pure graphic design. We'll help keep your branding and content consistent.

Second screen showcasing

Harness the Full Power of
Video and Visual Content

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