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By the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand the basics how to conceive of, refine, prepare, shoot, edit and fully produce their own video content.

  • By the end of the course participants will be expected to have already created one fully completed example of video content.

  • Video Marketing team will be able to identify those projects which can be completed in-house and those which require cooperation with professional video/film production companies

Video Production Strategy Preproduction

The Objective Of This Course is:

  • The Creation of a dedicated video marketing team with a solid grounding in the basics of video content creation and production.

  • Your marketing team should have a clear process following the S.M.A.R.T model as applied to video content creation.

  • Team will be able to (A) create targeted content on their own and (B) will be more ably ready to work with Professional Video Companies..

course outcome

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StridePilot Bespoke Video Training Course

A complete beginners introduction to creating and producing your own video content

In this course you will learn:

  • How to refine and focus your video content objectives

  • How to cut to the chase to give your video the maximum engagement

  • How to create a step-outline based on your content and engagement objectives

  • How to prepare your video (preproduction) shoot

  • Camera techniques (rule of thirds, 180 Rule, framing, aperture, shutter speed, ISO) How when and what to use.

  • Lighting: 3 point Lighting

  • *Audio: Capture, ADR, Clean Up

  • Shooting and Interview techniques: Talking heads and B-Roll

  • Post Production techniques

  • Editing

  • Adding titles

  • Audio Clean Up

  • Sound Design

  • Music (including licensing options)

  • Export formats

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Custom Video Training: Course Duration: *6 hours total + 3 hours Post Course Consultation

*Note: This is a fully customised course so longer modules for more intensive training are considered on request.

Bespoke Video Training Breakdown

StridePilot Custom Video Training Course

A complete beginners introduction to creating and producing your own video content

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Custom courses are designed from scratch to meet the very specific needs of your company or organisation we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your course to your needs. With custom courses the process is much more detailed and analysis based than our bootcamp courses. We commit to spending time in advance of the course ensuring it's oriented to meet your needs. In order to do this we have prepared the below pre-booking form. Once we've received the form we will send you out notification of course initiation and an invoice for payment.

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