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In house Training

Here's How

For jobs that are too small for a production company why not have your marketing team take care of it...We can show them how!

Some jobs don't really need a professional video production company.

For that ongoing face to face content your own marketing team can produce and release content from their phones or a basic camera.

But it still needs to be planned, shot, edited and delivered in a way that engages audiences.

And for that we offer a training module that will sit perfectly in line with the professional content we've created for you.

We'll train your marketing team on the basics of...

Colleagues Working Together


Basic Pre-Production Strategies based on our consultations

Female Vlogger


Clean simple and consistent production techniques.

Video Editing


Simple 3 point editing techniques and how to reuse content.

For More on our

In House Training process

Feel free to contact us

Just let us know your needs and we'll look at a training process to suit.

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