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Working With You To Create

Video and Visual Content and Asset Programmes:

By far the most powerful way to maximise your investment input to value output ratio

This means enhancing the impact potential of each asset whilst deploying assets over multiple channels (and even to cover multiple functions) whilst maintaining and crucially reinforcing a consistent brand and communication message.

Goal Focused Strategies

Who do you want To Reach

What do you want Them To Know

What do you want them To Do Next

Crowd of People
Filming a Video
Asian female tailor listening to her phone

And What Do You Want Them To Do Next?

Strategic Objective Foundation

This begins in advance of the creation and deployment of your content assets and follows strategic analysis and identification of objectives and challenges and a process of streamlining to remove needless noise and clutter.

Find What Fits For You.

Your needs, your budget, you preferred degree of commitment. Find the Programme or Programme Combinations that fit your needs

Missing Piece
Writing a Sticky Note

Adaptive Dynamic Collaborative Content Solutions

Whether your business scales or your desire for more video and visual content grows we will scale with you.

Easily move into our more advanced programmes in production, training or consultation as and when you need.

Future Ready, Future Forward.

3 Templated Programmes

Multiple Variations


Build Your Own Programme

The Result Is Simple

Clearer and Consistent Communication which Engages more intimately with Your Target Market and makes it easier for them to see the value you offer and to take action on that basis.

Why Choose Programmes

  • Better Planning

  • More Adaptable

  • Future Proofed

  • More re-cyclable assets

  • Better Return on Investment

  • More Consistent Brand Reinforcement

  • Increased Clarity for Customer Journey

StridePilot Programmes are fully tailored to your brand or campaign requirements.


This could be a simple as a single piece of Optimised Content such as a Brand Video or an Optimised Programme of Strategic Content Assets Designed to Spec and Maximised to give you the highest return on investment and the most powerful and clear foundation for your communication and Engagement Pathways.


These are Transformative Programmes and are expertly prepared for schedule and built around pre-agreed cycles.

StridePilotWhiteOutline2 nosubheader(eve

Define the Outcome
Refine the Process
Design the Content

The Programme Cycle Process













Build Foundations

Creation of  Assets

Release and Review

  • Meet and Discuss You Desired Outcomes and Objectives

  • Define and Refine Best Tools and Platforms to Achieve Your Specific Outcome

  • Create a Clear & Streamlined Programme of Your Video/Visual Content & Assets

  • Create a Tailored Suite of Content and Assets

  • Deploy in the Places and on the Schedule Chosen in Step 3

  • Monitor and Review Performance and Adapt as necessary to Build Strong Future Forward Foundation




For More About Our Programmes

The above is just an example of how programmatic strategies in visual content can be used. Programmes are as individual and nuanced as you and your brand are and are tailored around your specific project and brand desires and needs.

Fill in our Form Here and select 'Programmes' from the dropdown list...

Start My Project

Large Corporate Partnership Programmes

For advanced StridePilot Corporate Partnership Programmes click the button below...

Programme Cycle Example

Here is an example of how a mid-level programme might work:

Let's imagine Fran is the founder of a company called...

Jump Mountain Solutions

Hypothetical for illustrative purposes only.

Jump Mountain Solutions

Jump Mountain Solutions pride themselves on the importance they place on their customers and how committed they are to building and maintaining their customer realtionship.

They do this through...

  • The honest and passionate philosophy they base their business on.

  • The individual attention they give to their customers.

  • The clarity they offer their customers in understanding exactly what Jump Mountain Solutions do.

  • The post customer service care they offer to their customers.

  • The new and dynamic products or services they regularly offer to customers (and possibly the exciting incentives they offer to early adopters of Jump Mountain Solutions services).

At work

Brand/Video Business Card

Introduction to CEO or Brand - An intimate or enthusiastic personal introduction or reminder of your brand.

Happy Portrait

Customer Testimonial

Customers or Clients who love what you do. Short bites of enthusiastic recommendations.

Customer Service Rep

Follow Up Video (Customer Care)

Videos Pre-made and automatically sent to customers/clients. 'Is there anything else we can do for you'

Business Team

Video Updates (Personal Video messages)

Let your customers, clients and fans know that they matter to you. Keep them updated and engaged.


Animated Explainer

Whiteboard/3D animation or standard animation explainer video (answering all those recurrent questions clearly and easily)

Cafe Collage

Micro Content

Little reminders to post across social media channels and in emails keeping you always at the front of your target markets minds.

Programmes can even be adapted to synergise marketing and operations tasks.


This means you can use your content assets to ease other resource burdens and simultaneously retarget your message…all the while building on sincere client/customer relationships.

Free Up Essential Resources

Build Your Own Programme

You can take elements of all three programmes to build your own bespoke programme.

Modern Architecture

As Swift Programmes are Dynamic Programmes you have the option to create your own programme.

Maybe you just want some elements of each programme or to combine one or more programmes; well that's all possible within the Swift Framework.

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