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How do we most successfully navigate the shifting scapes of this rapidly changing world in the immediate term?

Here at StridePilot we’ve been exploring just those questions. We do this by researching and observing rhetoric, debates and visible concerns of various industries from service to commodities and finance to communications or construction to lifestyle to see if and  where there are common trends and equally where there are industry specific lines.

The gives us the opportunity to look at expanding and adjusting our own services to meet these changes in needs (and of course to recognise where changes are not required) of our client scape.

KovaPilot Video Production Business Cust

But as excellent as research and analysis processes can be, we realise that sometimes the best way to find out what industries and professions need is simply to ask directly!

And this page is all about doing...Just That.  So we're asking You:

Working at Open Space

What do you need?

We’d love it if you could help us to serve you better by answering the few questions below so that we can 


(A) ensure we’re meeting industry needs when needed and


(B) that we can possibly even help you get ahead of the curve with the video content released.

Please note filling in these questions does not oblige you to use KovaPilot’s Services they are merely to ensure we are always offering the most relevant and effective services across industries. If you do however wish to book one of our services please fill in the contact information at the end of this form to avail of a 10% discount off your first service as our way of saying thank you.


Thank You For Helping Us Improve Our Service To You.

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