Strategic, customised and maximised for long term effectivity, growth and future proofing

How Our Programmes Work

Your In House Talent Knows Your Brand Better Than Anyone Else

Our programmes are based on the simple truth that no one knows your brand better than you and your marketing team.

It makes more sense to equip them with video super-skills than to go through the long cycle of recruiting, on-boarding and often losing your video hires only to begin the process over again.

Integrate Video and Visual Content Creation INTO your Brand Culture

Teams learn and grow and with the knowledge we'll give them your brand will always be at the leading edge of growth and evolution video visual content marketing.

Beauty of Flight

Value and Benefits 

* Save time, money and resources on recruitment and on-boarding cycle

* Harness and leverage the unique brand knowledge of your own in-house talent pool

* Create an In-house video team that can respond to changes & evolutions in content trends

* Communicate fluently with video professionals through your trusted  in-house video A-team

Production Team Meeting


Better In-House Content

Quicker Turnaround

Improved teamskills

More immediate 'On Brand' marketing

Training Programme Process

Meet          Build Programme            Start Workshops            Production            Delivery

Here's what happens next...

Working Together

Connect With Us

Understanding the specific needs, targets and mission you want your In-House team to fulfil is the first step in creating your tailored Training Programme.


This is just an initial chat to see if and how we can help. And if so...We'll look at what kind of strategy would best suit your ambition.

Team Strategy and Mission Arch

Decide on strategy and mission approach that your In-House video team will be built around

We will work out the best strategy for your unique needs answering any pain points and realising your overall ambition to vision through our combination of video training and production.

Meetup Event

Begin Team Training Workshops

Workshops will begin immediately with intensive practical modules combined with fun learning experiences .


This means your team are learning actively whilst simultaneously getting a greater understanding of the imaginative side of video production. Helping them to create content that stands out.

Collage For Production Day2.jpg


All of our training modules are made up of both creative learning and practical hands on training.

This means that the team will be actively following up the imaginative concept stage with the practical shooting and editing stage of production.

Expert Team Growth

Your Team will not only be skilled in video content creation they also bring their expertise in your Brand Marketing; making them a uniquely expert video team for YOUR BRAND.

StridePilot training workshops are designed to equip your in-house teams with the ability to respond to current trends in video but beyond that their value will only increase as we introduce them to the resources that will future proof their skills following a growth mindset and self up-skilling model. And if your needs grows further then we're here to help again whenever you need.

Team Talk

Video Delivery

Whether it's part of an overall digital marketing campaign or for your website or email marketing campaigns (or in all likely hood) all three...your video is available to share with the world.

Whether it's a one off single-purpose video or part of a longer term branding series of releases you'll see the vision we first discussed come to life to serve you, your business and your vision.

To Begin the process just fill in the discovery form here:

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Business Handshake

We'd love to hear how your video is working for you.

We'd like to build a relationship with our clients.

For Stridepilot taking your video from concept to delivery stage is just the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing partnership.