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Letting you run your business while your video content does it's job.

Progressive video content aligned by design to your brand and your message

Consistency and clarity of brand and messaging is at the heart of all growth marketing successes.

With our longer partnership agreements StridePilot can offer that consistency and clarity by preparing an outline for a bespoke, progressive customised video marketing strategy.

We do this by working with you to create your video content (based on the marketing strategy we’ve developed together). This will help us reinforce your brand messaging based on the goals and expectations identified for that period. And it will let you focus on what you do best...running your business.

During this pre-defined period we’ll release a number of videos at incremental stages and for specific purposes (based on opportunities we’ve identified together) to build on the essential messages and goals you’ve established.

Videos are not occasional anymore…they’re essential:

A consistent, integral part of any marketing strategy

So lets look at an example of how this might work for you:

Lets imagine Fran is the founder of a company called...

Jump Mountain Solutions

Illustrative Hypothetical For example only.

Campaign Example JumpMountain
FooterContact Anchor1

The company pride themselves on:

  • The honest and passionate philosophy they base their business on.

  • The individual attention they give to their customers.

  • The clarity they offer their customers in understanding exactly what Jump Mountain Solutions do.

  • The post customer service care they offer to their customers.

  • The new and dynamic products or services they regularly offer to customers (and possibly the exciting incentives they offer to early adopters of Jump Mountain Solutions services).

Now lets look at how a Partnership Strategy with StridePilot can help Jump Mountain Solutions to deliver for their customers...

In this instance let's say it's a simple 5 step programme

Team Meeting


Video Business Card

Fran Murray 'Jump Mountain Solutions'

StridePilot create a Video Business Card with Fran speaking passionately about Jump Mountain Solutions and the company’s Philosophy and commitment to its customers.

Customer Service Rep


Follow Up Videos (Customer Care)

Thank you!/Is there anything else we can do for you?/Post Quote - Videos

StridePilot create a series of Thank you/Is there anything else we can do for you? Or ‘Post Quote’ videos. These are 'Email Videos' automatically sent to customers (or potential customers) who use or are considering using Jump Mountain Solutions services or products: this again builds on their message and the integrity of their philosophy.



Explainer Videos

Trust Building Personal Explainer Videos

StridePilot creates a series of friendly explainer videos from Fran and Jump Mountain Solutions staff giving FAQ and clarification on what exactly Jump Mountain do, how they can help their customers and why they are a more suitable choice than the competition.

Young Professor


What Our Customers Say...

Positive Customer Review/Feedback Videos

Customer Feedback videos - videos either made by customers or by Jump Mountain Solutions staff and founders reading out reviews from customers.

Public Speaker


Video Updates Personal Video Messages

New Products/Services and Special offers from Jump Mountain Solutions

Having invited their customers/clients to sign up to a mailing list for new products and announcements Jump Mountain Solutions send video updates to customers letting them know ‘personally’ about new products, services or special offers.

The result is clean, reinforcing, personal video content which engages and builds trust between Jump Mountain Solutions and their customers.

This is just one example of one type of company choosing a longer partnership to suit it’s specific needs and here at StridePilot we pride ourselves on attending to the individual needs of each of our clients so...For Example:

A smaller craft enterprise such as jewellery designer or tailor may choose to release short pop videos of new products and creation processes for followers on social media or...

A larger corporate business may choose to work on a strategy for a specific product line, campaign or even charity or community relationship.

Every business is unique and we treat them that way.

If you would like to explore longer partnership options with StridePilot you can contact us via our contact page, let's talk page or via phone or email at the bottom of this page...

Please feel free to fill in our discovery form to give us the best opportunity to look at video solutions for your needs.

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