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The world is changing fast. And keeping up with those changes is a constant challenge to many businesses. New platforms and new process require new skills and video is a constantly evolving part of the Digital Evolution. That's why we've created a combination production and training programme to help you create content and your own video fluent marketing teams from WITHIN your own talent pool. 

Sharing Our Knowledge & Skills With Your In House Talent

Your people, your message, our expertise

Marketing team meeting

No one knows your business better that your own in-house talent.

They are one of your greatest resources and we can help them up-skill whilst simultaneously creating content with a professional video production company.

We build a strategy

  • For you.

  • Around you.

  • Specific to you

Innovate & accelerate

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Create InHouse Video Team

Sharing Our Knowledge & Skills with Your Talent

Create Your Own video fluent in-house culture

Team Meeting

Constantly hiring new talent can become an ineffective carousel for businesses and by the time your new-hires have adjusted to your company culture they move on you start the process all over again.

This time consuming, resource heavy method is outdated and counterproductive.

You already have inhouse talent who are fully engaged in your company vision and ambition.

We will work with them to create elite in-house video teams capable of both - creating focused effective video content - and - communicating fluently with video production professionals (like us).

And you will get a strategic series of video content made to measure.

  • Save time, money and energy on the repetitive recruitment cycle (hire, train, lose, hire etc)

  • Utilise the talent you already have benefit from their knowledge of your business

  • Build your reputation as a company that helps employees to thrive and up-skill

  • Instigate a culture of 'can do' dynamism and positive challenge outlooks

  • Build elite specified teams who can liaise and speak fluently with Video Industry Professionals

  • Clearer, Consistent 'On Brand' Content

Future Focused Forward Moving

  • Bringing You Forward

  • Get Ahead of the Curve

  • Create the New

In-house Training

Business People Applauding

Elite Teams


Video Fluent

Production Team Meeting


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