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With the world having undeniably and possibly irrevocably changed so suddenly in the past year we are all looking at the ‘new forward’.

How do we move forward now?

What are the new challenges? 

What are the new opportunities?

We have some thoughts on that. Read below to find out more or go straight to our responsive initiative services and products here...

The Key To Connecting and Engaging with your customer is realising that the rules have changed...

We're all a little confused about how things work now. Most of us just need that little reassurance that there is a way of doing things...and if things work a little differently we just want to know how?


And these New Initiatives and Services Do Just That

Your commitment to service and quality for your customers hasn't changed - but the processes may have. In some cases your customers, clients, stakeholders might not even be sure if you are still actively in business...

It's time to let them know your are here for them, ready as always...and these products will make that clear.

'Update Specific' Video (examples)

4. Reassurance and Clarity Videos:

Reassurance and Clarity videos are useful for any business and particularly for official bodies or large organisations. They are designed specifically to breakdown messaging to clear, honest, nuggets.

2. How Things Work Now:

Letting your customers or stakeholders know that you have an operating system in place and are ready for any changes will give them confidence in you. It will also help free them of the vagaries so inherent in these times. Reassuring them that you are the same trustworthy company you've always been. Save time and money repeatedly reiterating processes on the ground.

3. Adaptable Q&A:

There are normal Q&A's and then there is Adaptable Q&A. Every time a new announcement is made or new 'temporary rules are put in place we all have to change and adapt...the problem is letting our customers know...and that is precisely what Lockdown Q&A's are for. They are dynamic Q&A blocks that can be immediately rearranged to suit changing circumstances (all pre-recorded as contingency bites)

1. We're Still Here:

These are short 1 - 3min videos letting your customers know that you are still here and open for business. Share a little of your experience and relate to your customers whilst confirming that you are here for them whatever it takes.

KovaPilot Video Production Business Cust
KovaPilot Video Production Business Cust

These are just a few examples of Responsive Video Content Options

But there are many more as you can see on our home page

Although it might not seem it now this is actually one of the greatest periods of opportunity for business owners that we've had in generations and we are responding to it with you.


If you want to discuss some more of our other video content programmes  to create a bespoke programme for your brand feel free to get in touch or if you feel there is something you need that isn't currently available out there...have a look at our 'New Opportunities' section below and you'll see how we go about helping. We may be just the solution you've been looking for.

Working from Home


This is the most important question....


How do we most successfully navigate the shifting scapes of the new world in the immediate term?

Here at StridePilot we’ve been exploring just those questions. We do this by researching and observing rhetoric, debates and visible concerns of various industries from service to commodities and finance to communications or construction to lifestyle to see if and  where there are common trends and equally where there are industry specific lines.

The gives us the opportunity to look at expanding and adjusting our own services to meet these changes in needs (and of course to recognise where changes are not required) of our client scape.

KovaPilot Video Production Business Cust

But as excellent as research and analysis processes can be, we realise that sometimes the best way to find out what industries and professions need is simply to ask directly!

So if you think we've missed something in the new initiatives we've created here please give us our suggestions via our special form here:

Or have a look above at some of the new needs we've identified and addressed to help you and your business in this time...