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Don't just Use Video...Use Video Effectively!

Every business in the world knows how important video is in terms of reaching customers and increasing brand awareness or messaging for your company. It has become an essential digital marketing and communication tool.


The problem is few people know how to use video effectively.

Because your 'Why' is just as important as your 'What'.

We approach your video content production in two ways:

Working Together

Our mission is to fix that. We don't just create video we help our clients gain fluency in the language of video. We even help them build their own in-house video content creation teams by upskilling the talent you already have in your company.

In Short

We Create & Connnect





  • Tailored to Your Brand

  • Outcome Focused

  • Strategically Created

  • Asset Rich


That build on a start to end campaign focusing on specific outcomes


Customised to your unique business processes and brand needs. 

Team Meeting

Our Training and Production Programmes are Designed Specifically to meet the unique needs of your business.


This means you continue to get return on your investment.


We invest our time, energy and expertise in your business

our approach

Facts and statistics whilst important are really not the main criteria for your customers and clients.

Your story and how your product or service can improve or add value to their lives is...


That's why we focus so strongly on understanding your company, your product and your customer base before a single frame of footage is shot.

Bicycle Repair Shop

It all starts long before we press record

Working Together

what's next

We then work with you to build a targeted strategy based on our understanding and your passion for your business and customer/client base.

Your final video will be optimised to engage, relate and excite your target market.

We deliver for you so you can deliver for your customer

Working With Us

Production and training Processes


Production: The Process

Meet          Build Strategy           Pre-Production           Production            Delivery

Getting To Know Your Brand: Preparation is everything.

For  more details on our initial 5 step process click here:


Training: The Process

Meet          Build Programme           Start Course           Production            Delivery

No One Knows Your Business Better Than Your People.

 Our combination course and production programmes ensures your content is always on point and immediate.

About STRIDEPilot

A professional history combining video and film production expertise with experience spanning from large worldwide brand production to short award winning film and music video shoots - alongside marketing, project management and media training - and client industries including international Embassies, PR companies, local councils, private businesses and even third level institutions in Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond has all been brought together to make StridePilot what it is: A Future Forward Creative Company.

This means that our focus is not only on using our medium of video to deliver creative solutions to contemporary business needs and to respond to current trends but to also move forward and integrate that vital creative culture that forms the lifeblood of 21st Century business success.

It's not about chasing worn out trends it's about recognising current trends and needs and responding to those. It's about creating and leading trends. It is about instituting and maintaining dynamic creative culture throughout the business, enterprise and entrepreneurial world.

We understand that the power of video is under-utilised and frequently misunderstood. It is THE most powerful communication tool in the world today and it is just the start. Our primary strength and benefit to our clients is to help them understand and fully utilise this essential tool and to be prepared for the rapid progressions coming in the visual communications arena. We create, we train and we innovate.

Video Production & Strategies

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Some Video Stats

Video Is Changing the way we connect online.

Here are just a few statistics from around the web.

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