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At StridePilot we believe that business supporting business creates an environment where everyone benefits from new perspectives and cooperation.

We believe that this enriches everyone.

See below for our latest initiatives




Temporary 'Re-Boost' Initiative

We believe in a ‘business supports business’ model and we are lucky to be in a position to support Irish business in this vital way at this extraordinary time. Our 'Re-Boost' Initiative is designed to help a limited number of business who fit the criteria to avail of our three pillar services:




The 'Re-Boost' Initiative includes temporary Support Pricing options and new reemergence products and services for business who would not normally be able to access our services.


If you feel your business fits the criteria (see here) please feel free to fill in the application form here.


If you don't require the ReBoost Initiative or don't fit the criteria and you know of another company who may - please feel free to pass the link to this page on to them.


In either case: we would hugely appreciate your feedback in helping us refine these limited time courses and video production services - by offering feedback or suggestions through our initiatives page and form here:


Help Us To Support The Businesses that Really Need It

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IMPORTANT: This is a temporary configuration of a fully professional video strategy, production and training service so there are criteria to ensure it benefits the right companies so we're asking companies that Do Not Need to avail of entry level pricing supports to resist submitting an inquiry for the Re-Emergence package and to instead to pass it on to businesses you may know who fit the criteria.





For You

'Re-Boost' Initiative

and how that looks now!

At StridePilot we want your business to thrive. So we’ve created a Business Supports Business suite for smaller/in-need businesses.

Our mission at StridePilot is to provide our strategic and tailored video services to companies who have already realised the essential value and ROI of effective video content production.

These services include:

  • Tailored Video Production

  • In House Video Training

  • Video Content Strategy Consultation

Our Ethics

In order to maintain a client-centred quality of service, our approach focuses specifically on companies who are actively committed to integrating strategic video content into their marketing and customer engagement pipeline.

And we feel that for most earlier-stage businesses - such services are not *normally vital or urgent so we generally advise against it.

*However as of 2020 - That's All Changed!

Meeting for A Video Production Consultat
KovaPilot Video Production Business Cust

How Things Have Changed and How we can help...

The truly extraordinary events of 2020 have changed the way things work irrevocably and now as we emerge from lockdown video is very much vital and urgent for all businesses and it’s been frustrating seeing so many dynamic Irish businesses struggle in terms of their messaging toward their customers, clients and target audiences.

So StridePilot have created a temporary ‘ReBoost” suite of services and products in video production, marketing and brand messaging: To give companies that may not normally be able to avail of our services an opportunity to:

(A) Benefit from our expertise in video creation with a limited number of offers on our video production services.

(B) Learn the skills of creating video with our short video production boot camps.

Business Supports Business

Our ambition here is to help regenerate and energise businesses to help them let their customers know that they are still active, trading and open for business because we believe that Irish business can not only survive but thrive.

These are augmented/jump-start versions of our services with entry level pricing for a limited number of businesses who fit the criteria below:






If you would like to avail of our ReBoost Initiative Please fill in the short form below and we will be back in touch.

Business Supports Business

ReBoost Initiative Criteria Outline

There are certain criteria. There are reasons for this which are outlined below but ultimately it’s to save time and ensure no money is wasted.

Companies/Professionals should have:


  • A general idea of the message they want to give their customers (we’ll help them refine and direct that message in a way that will connect with customers).

  • A solid (as possible in our current landscape) idea of the direction they are going from here on in.

  • A strong desire to integrate video into their marketing pipeline and a clear idea of why they want video.

  • A strong belief in their own business and themselves.

  • A genuine need for reduced cost services and a determination to implement any strategies, services or products we supply.

  • Should understand that this is a fully professional video strategy, production and training service (and outside of this support service would be priced accordingly).


If you fit the above criteria please feel free to fill in the application form here: