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One Simple Specific Course

To take your New Business
From Concept to Material Functional Presence

Business - Unboxed

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The Fastest Easiest Course Imaginable

To Give You The Complete Branded Busines Set Up

Whether you are starting a business, working as a freelancer or just improving your contracting status. This course will take you through all the important steps to help you launch.

Business Unboxed

  • Website/Landing Page Design
    Can you really set up an entire website or landing page in one sitting? The answer is YES! And in this module we're going to do just that!
  • Brand Kit: Visual and Graphic Design
    There are a multitude of image and graphic design options for building up your Visual Brand Kit. So many options and such a vast learning curve that it really is a rabbit hole you could disappear into very quickly. But we're just going to use one or two platforms and show you how you can create an entire Brand Kit that you can use over and over - on your website, social media or emails/newsletters - even your stationary and business cards. Yep...In just one module!
  • Video, Visual and Audio Content Creation
    Creating professional video is both an art-form and a technical skill. For the novice it's very easy to get lost in the sheer number of facets involved. However there are some perennials, 3-Point lighting, camera framing and quality sound capture along with proper editing and these skills can be learned at a sufficient level to allow you to create striking and impressive video content. We'll also show you how to create engaging audio content and even a little simple animation. That can't all be done in 1 Module right? Actually to get you started it most certainly can!!
  • Task Management, CRM and Accounts
    Whether you just need to keep your own house in order or you need to liaise with a team or other parties we'll show you how to set up a simple and effective Task Management process using an excellent platorm. We will also show you how to utilise powerful CRM tools for your business HQ to keep track of client/customer outreach and relations and marketing output. And finally just keeping your accounts in order will take away one of those entrepreneurial headaches. We'll show you how to get this in place simply and quickly.
  • Marketing: Email, Newsletters, Subscription forms. Warm and Cold Lead tools
    This is where you get to put all that branding and visual creation work into play. Get set up with your own domain email and utilise the most powerful email platform in the world for you business needs...then look at email campaign tools designed to sit into the intuitive workflow of your email client. Build subscription forms for warm leads and utilise scraping and verification tools for cold's all here...Phew!
  • And Finally...Automation
    We're going to keep this one simple as it's another rabbit hole that you could spend a lifetime going down...but having as many of your tools integrated as possible will save you more time than you can possibly imagine.
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A Complete Next Level Fast Track Course

What Skills You'll Gain With This Course

Everything you need to create your webs presence HQ in real time.

Design Your Own Website/Landing Page

Brand Kit & Graphic Design

Consistent Branding across your customer facing outlets.

Learn to create your own video, visual and audio content with simple to use tools and processes.

Video, Visual & Audio Content Creation

Task Management, CRM, Accounts.

Stay organised and on point in all areas of your business.

Customer acquisition, engagement and retention 101.

Marketing, Emails, Subscription Forms/ Warm and Cold Lead Processes.


Sync everything together using the best automation tools and process for new businesses.


Focus Where It Matters

By Organising Quickly

The key is to focus on your business, your customers, your products and services and your systems and processes.

Everything else is just distraction and a drain on time and energy

Sales, Revenue and Customer Satisfaction are your priorities and this course will allow you to save months (not to mention significant loss of time and money) of trail and error just trying to 'figure out how to get your brand presence set up'

The six modules in this course cover some of the most notorious time consuming distractions in getting any business set up.

Not to mention if you are on a budget...this course will save you from excessive trial and error spending.

We'll help you to get up and running quickly!


There are Three Phases to this Course

To Help You Build Smoothly On Your Skills

Have a look below and you can see how each of these three phases is laid out. And what to expect at each phase of the course.

Web Design
Post Production Video Editing

Phase One

  • Website Design

  • Brand Kit and Graphics

  • Video and Visual Content Creation

The Creative Part


The Ambition and Outcome is Clear and Practical

We haven't created this course just to give you 'a general idea of how this is done'. That is a knowledge AND practice based course.

So...what does that mean?

By the End of this Course You Will...

By the end of these 6 modules you will be able to:

  • Create your own functional Website

  • Create your own Brand Kit

  • Produce your own marketing and engagement content (videos, visual, audio etc)

  • Be able to set up task management and CRM platforms

  • Know how to set up a simple and clear accounting platform

  • Have a simple and implementable understanding of customer outreach and retention processes

  • Have the basic know-how to automate many of these process to make your workflow easier and more streamlined

How You Value Your Time is reflected in How You Spend Your Time

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If you want to spend your time and energy actively on your business, product, service, project and not just trying to figure out the hows...then this course is for you!

3 Phases

6 modules

{your Business Unboxed}

Want to Unbox Your Business in Real Time?

Business Unboxed

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